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About our Meat

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Dry Aged Meat

About our Meat

Enjoy aging, dry aging. We serve the best dry aged meat dishes. The meat is selected by our chef. Dry aging is the process by which large cuts of beef are aged for anywhere from several weeks to several months before being trimmed and cut into steaks. We selected a few special pieces for our dry aged meat menu. Taste our entrecote or rib eye or choose to share our côte de boeuf or tomahawk.

Whats Cooking?

About our Chef

Meet our chef and the king of the grill; Vincent. This summer we started working with Vincent. This special collaboration was the start of our renewed concept. With years of experience, Vincent knows how to roll. In his past he worked on several new concepts. Lex’s experience and attention to every detail has resulted in our amazing menu. Vincent and his team are not afraid to turn up the heat!

Had a delicious meal with my daughter. Lady steak chimichurri (+ fries) and sea bass (+risotto), delicious dessert TripleCholate. Lovely friendly staff & good service. To be repeated !



I really like the fact that the restaurant turns into a club/bar after having dinner The staff were super friendly and the food lovely I will definitely come back!



Good vibes only✨ Beautiful location, nicely decorated. Nice staff...delicious food and tasty cocktails. Worth repeating! Next time on a Saturday night with DJ



Steak Club Leidse

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